• PHS Students have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment courses. Dual enrolled courses are taught during the school day on the PHS campus. This allows students to earn both high school credit and college credit during the same time period. Please know that a high school student is starting an official and permanent college transcript by taking a dual enrolled course. Grades earned through Yavapai College could affect financial aid in the future.

    To enroll in a dual enrolled course, certain requirements must be met by the prospective student:

    • Complete the admissions process at www.yc.edu by clicking on “Become a Student.”
    • Complete Accuplacer (placement) testing for your desired courses.
    • Wishlist your desired dual enrolled courses through your YC student account.
    • Once your wishlist(s) are approved, officially register for your course.

    There is a small fee of $10 per credit hour. For example, ENG 101 is a 3 credit hour course, which would be a total cost of $30. All fees must be paid in the PHS Bookstore and are non-refundable.