• Site-Based Council

    The school council shall provide input for the creation of curricular and instructional strategies/designs that meet the unique learning needs of the students served at each school.  A shared "vision" for curricular and instructional strategies/designs and the involvement of a variety of the members of the school and community who will be most affected by the results are essential.

    Curricular and instructional strategies/designs that result from such shared decision making are limited only by the requirements that they be consistent with and fulfill the mission/goal statements, beliefs, and adopted Board policies of the District and comply with the laws and regulations of the state of Arizona and the United States.

    This shared decision making shall not supersede Board/Superintendent decision-making responsibilities unless waived by the Board.


    The school council at each school shall take into consideration the ethnic composition of the local community and initially shall be composed of:

    1. Three (3) parents or guardians of students enrolled in the school who are not employed by the District in the school of proposed membership.
    2. Three (3) teachers.
    3. One (1) non-certificated employee.
    4. One (1) community member if the school is a high school or two (2) community members if the school is not a high school.
    5. One (1) student if the school is a high school.
    6. The principal of the school.

    The principal shall serve as chairman of the school council unless another person is elected by a majority of the school council members.

    The council:

    1. Is advisory to the school administrative staff.
    2. Is a representative group that solicits input from parents, community, and staff members.
    3. Reviews literature and data.
    4. Makes recommendations for school improvement.
    5. Monitors implementation structure for new instructional designs.
    6. Provides local leadership and representation in the school decision-making structure.
    7. Budget
    8. Calendar of Events
    9. Statement(s) of assurances that the proposal is:
      1. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the school.
      2. To increase academic achievement for "all" students.