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Capturing Kids' Hearts

  • Prescott Mile High Middle School is proud to be a “Capturing Kids’ Hearts” school. This means that we place a high priority on taking steps to ensure that positive relationships are developed between every teacher and every child and that the students are taught ways to positively interact with one another. There are many steps we take to create this positive environment. Among others, they include:

    • Greeting each student at the door every period with a handshake.
    • Beginning each class with a few minutes dedicated to allowing students to share some positive things in their lives. We call it “Good Things.”
    • Teaching students how to affirm other people.
    • Empowering students to take an active role in their class and the school.
    • Building class “Social Contracts” and holding students accountable if the contract is not followed.
    • Having students learn leadership and communication skills.
    • Ending each class with a “Launch” (a review/summary of the day and a positive message).