• Genesis Academy

    Genesis is a fully-online academy that is made for the purpose of credit recovery. This could mean making up credits for classes that were not passed, classes that were not completed, making up progress for missed time in school, etc. 

    Genesis is a year-round academy- this means that classes take place throughout the traditional school year and are continued throughout the summer season (when school is typically not in session). This allows students to make up classes at a quicker pace as they are completing work all year long. 

    Genesis Academy courses are self-paced courses on the Schools PLP platform. 

    Once enrolled at Genesis Academy, a credit check is completed by an advisor at Prescott High School to determine which classes the student needs to complete in order to be eligible for graduation. Classes are assigned to the student based on the credit check. Another credit check is completed when the student is nearing the end of their credit recovery to ensure that they are on track for graduation. 

    Student progress at Genesis Academy is tracked on a monthly basis.

    Genesis Academy Application Guidelines

    • Students must be at least 16 years old to apply for Genesis Academy.
    • Students should typically be approximately 1 year or more behind in high school credits to apply for Genesis Academy, as it is a credit recovery academy.
    • Prescott High School students as well as non-PUSD students are welcome to apply for Genesis Academy if they are in need of credit recovery.

Required Documents