Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to advance our students as far as we possibly can during their time with us.  As a learning community, Mile High provides the essentials for well-rounded growth through intellectual, social, physical, cultural, and character development.  This will allow us to become lifelong learners who make contributions to our community.

Vision Statement

  • Learn a lot. Have fun. Give back!


  • Kids First! “Kids will learn more on accident if they know you care, than they will on purpose if they know you don’t.” Mile High staff have a distinct view about education for life. We believe that in addition to teaching students the essential skills necessary to succeed academically, we are in the business of preparing learners for their future. We work to insure that there is a proper balance between maintaining a nurturing environment and transitioning the older students for an ultimate move to the high school. The staff remains sensitive to each student as learning objectives are met. We try to remember the individual and their particular needs and struggles, as we attempt to “connect” to them academically.

    Mile High’s mission is to take each student and move him or her as far as we possibly can during their time with us. Our charge is to prepare kids for life by providing the essentials for well-rounded growth through academic preparation and development of character so that they may also grow to be strong and healthy and give to the community around them. Caring is the essential ingredient in the lives of our students. We believe that the education of the whole child is the way to provide for continual growth. Once this caring presence is provided, we can enrich our students’ lives with an eclectic, meaningful education delivered in a safe environment. A sense of belonging to the community is also essential to the development of the adolescent. We believe students should be offered opportunities to give to their community through volunteer activities and participation in collecting clothing, food items, and money to support needy groups or organizations. We also feel that students need to feel included in their school community through clubs, sports, and other extra curricular activities.

    Our vision for Prescott Mile High Middle School can be compared to the nurturing of our cottonwood tree, one of the oldest and largest in the state, which grows on campus. Only through the nurturing of sun, water, and care did it grow to maturity from its humble beginnings as a sapling. Similarly, the nurturing of our students as they grow to maturity is accomplished by the united efforts of family, school, and community.