• 2-Hour Delay Schedule

    PUSD School Start Times for 2-Hour Delay: 

    • Elementary Schools (Abia Judd, Taylor Hicks, Lincoln): 10:05 am
    • Granite Mountain: 10:20 am
    • Mile High Middle School: 10:00 am
    • Prescott High School: 10:00 am (no early bird)

     General Information: 

    • A two-hour delay could be changed to a full snow day depending on weather conditions.
    • All schedules will begin two (2) hours later.
    • Before school breakfast will NOT be served.
    • Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time for that day.
    • Schools will communicate any possible changes to after school activities based on current and predicted conditions.
    • Buses will arrive at the bus stops two (2) hours later than usual. (For example, a bus pick-up time of 6:35a.m. becomes an 8:35 a.m. pick-up time.)
    • Transportation questions should be directed to our Transportation Department at 928-717- 3229.
    • Please contact the appropriate school if you have any further questions.  

    Preschool - All Discovery Gardens Sites:

    • Early morning drop off will not be available at any site.
    • Morning only students are welcome to attend at 10:00am and normal pick-up times remain.
    • Full day students will begin at 10:00am and normal pick-up times remain.
    • Afternoon only students will follow their normal schedule.
    • For special education bussing, only bussing for PM students will be available.

    Kindergarten and Elementary Information (Pre-K – 6):

    • No students are to be on campuses prior to 9:45 am.
    • All before school activities (Buck Club, Clubs, breakfast, etc.) are canceled.
    • K-4 schools will be in session 10:05am - 2:20pm.
    • Click HERE for Granite Mountain School Bell Schedule.

    Middle School and High School Information (7-12):

    • No students are to be on campus prior to 9:30 am.
    • Early Bird classes at Prescott High School will NOT be held.
    • Click HERE for Mile High Middle School Bell Schedule.
    • Click HERE for Prescott High School Bell Schedule.

    Please Use Your own Judgment
    Although Prescott is a community that does get snow almost every winter, families often move here without knowing that. Sometimes, they do not have vehicles that drive well in the snow or do not have snow driving experience (especially new high school drivers). Additionally, Prescott has many elevation changes and a variety of road types and widths. Families should use their own judgment on whether they want to drive in wintry conditions and may choose not to drive in those conditions.
    We ask that families have patience and give grace when the weather is bad. Many times, buses have to drive slower due to road conditions and traffic, so bus stop times can be delayed. Phones are extra busy during inclement weather, and schools may be short-staffed. 

    Full-Day Cancellation

    If school is cancelled for a full day, all school campus activities are canceled, including classes, clubs, tutoring, athletics, field trips, and school events. School administration will communicate with families regarding any exceptions or rescheduling of activities.

     Purpose of a 2-Hour Delay/Snow Day  

    The primary factor when deciding whether to call a 2-hour delay or a snow day is student and staff safety
    Student and staff safety is evaluated using the following data:

    • Information on road conditions from transportation staff, adjoining school districts, and the city. (We give careful consideration to the most dangerous and higher elevation roads in the district as they can be unsafe even if most other streets and roads look clear.)

    • The amount of snow and/or ice accumulated on roadways. 

    • Weather predictions include temperature and precipitation forecasts from satellite systems, local radar, and weather organizations. 

    • The ability of our bus fleet to manage the weather and road conditions. 

    • Building and school status (such as whether they have electricity and heat and parking lot and sidewalk conditions). 

    Two-hour delays are specifically designed to: 

    • Allow municipal crews and plow truck drivers enough time to further clear roadways and sidewalks. 

    • Give our facilities crews extra time to shovel and clear campus sidewalks and parking lots.

    • Provide transportation staff time to warm up the buses and correct any issues caused by the cold or icy weather.

    • It Allows the sun time to come out and start melting ice on roadways and sidewalks.

    • Provide more daylight for students to walk to bus stops safely.