Taxpayer-funded Public Charter School within PUSD's Boundary Area Admin Spending per Student, 2022-23 *** Admin Spending, compared to PUSD  
      Willow Creek Charter School $3,766 378%  
      Basis - Prescott $1,776 178%  
      Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy $1,678 168%  
      Tri-City College Prep High School $1,628 163%  
      La Tierra Community School $1,529 153%  
      Skyview School $1,455 146%  
      Mountain Oak School $1,382 139%  
      AZ State Average $1,207 121%  
      Prescott Unified School District $997    

      *** Data retrieved from the following sources:
         1. FY23 Auditor General's school district spending analysis (PUSD #1 & AZ data)
         2. FY23 charter annual financial report and BSA-55 ADM report (charter school data)

                      Arizona's Required Accountability Measures, by School Type

    Accountability Measure District Charter Private
    Annual External Financial Audits P P  
    Annual Arizona Auditor General Compliance Questionnaire Review P P  
    Food Service Compliance Audits P **  
    Arizona Auditor General Performance Audit P    
    Arizona Auditor General Classroom Spending P    
    Follow Uniform System of Financial Records P    
    Follow Abbreviated Uniform System of Financial Records for Charter Schools   P  
    Comply with Public Records Requests P P  
    Convene Governing Board monthly while school is in session P    
    No family members on Governing Board P    
    Required to pay into Arizona State Retirement System P    
    Complete proposed adopted December revision and May revision of budgets and post on ADE website with link on the district website. P P  
    Annual Financial Report posted on ADE and district website P P  
    Annual Comprehensive Financial Report P    
    Adhere to Arizona Title 15 P ***  
    Arizona Procurement Laws P *  
    Federal Procurement Laws P *  
    All Students Accepted P    
    Required Certification of Teachers P ****  
    School District Employee Report P    
    Track and Submit Transportation Data P    
    School Facilities Board minimum adequacy guidelines P    
    Limitations on contracting (Board Members, Employees and their family) P    
    Report student enrollment and attendance to ADE P P ***
    *Unknown **Only if they choose to participate in the federal program       
    ***Partial participation ****Special Education Required